Ian Carter, more famously known as iDubbbzTV is a youtuber known for his gaming videos, vlogs, and Kickstarter Crap review series. His main channel currently has over 6 million subscribers.

His channel currently consists mainly of "Kickstarter Crap" and "Content Cop" videos, he started some newer series' such as: "Comedians on ____ Getting ____ " which has been very successful, and "What's In The Box?" A series where Idubbbztv takes shit out of lockers. But arguably his most successful series was the infamous "Bad Unboxing" which ended on September 28, 2016 with a video entitled "Crazy Lesbian Celebrates Her Fathers Death", the first bad Unboxing he ever did was "Bad Unboxing: Toothbrush". On April 1, 2017 he announced that he would be restarting "Bad Unboxing" and it is again an ongoing series. He has since closed the P.O. box due to an overflow of packages.

Personal Life Edit

Little is known about his personal life or history as he does not give much information on it. In his 100,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!!! he states that he was born to two parents who later separated and claims that that was "probably the biggest shake of his life" and other than that, "life was a piece of cake, although he is obviously a liar". Although, this is likely not true as he is quoting someone who made a response video to a Kickstarter Crap that iDubbbz made about them/their project. iDubbbz doesn't like newts. He likes to be called Gay Retard and Nigger Faggot. He has also made memorable memes Including "I'm Gay", "I Want To Die", and one of the most memorable ones."Hey That's Pretty Good!" He is currently in a relationship with Anisa Jomha.